Funding and Support

Funding and Support

Funding for master students

Master students can apply to join the IMPRS program in the 4th Semester of the master’s program. Selected master students will join the IMPRS and enjoy the following benefits:

  • IMPRS stipend in the 4th semester (starting in 2026)
  • Funding for up to one year for a PhD position with an IMPRS MMFD PI upon suitably successful MSc graduation. Afterwards they will be funded by the lab at which they are conducting their research.
  • Access to Travel grants and Wrap-Up grants during the IMPRS PhD program

Funding for doctoral students

Funding is available to support IMPRS students during their PhD phase in their careers:

  • Travel funds support outgoing activities, attendance of conferences, meetings, research stays, summer schools, and workshops.
  • Wrap-up grants support and motivate the PhD graduates to finalize publications and further develop their ideas towards a post-doctoral project.

Support from the IMPRS Offices

The IMPRS coordinators support the IMPRS MSc students in the transition from the MSc program into the PhD program. During the research phase, the IMPRS coordinators support IMPRS doctoral students in topics all around the doctoral program starting from the registration and admission to the GTC doctoral program, through the advisory boards meetings, submission of  the thesis, admission to the doctorate process to the defense.

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