Application Process for PhD students

Application Process

If you are interested to join our program, please follow the steps below to apply. We strongly recommend submitting an application as early as possible. Submitting early will give us more time to check the application carefully and contact candidates, if we have any questions.

1. Please make sure that you are eligible to apply before you register for the application process. 

2. Register to the application portal.

3. Fill out the application form in the portal.

4. Upload your application documents in the portal.

5. Submit your application form and the uploaded documents to the portal before the deadline

Please note: You can save your application in our online portal and return later to change or complete it. But once you submit it, it is not possible to change anything.


Required documents

Before you apply for direct access to the doctoral phase in the IMPRS program, you need to be enrolled in the GTC doctoral program. If you are not enrolled yet, please find further information on how to enrol at the GTC here.

To apply to the IMPRS-MMFD PhD track, please submit the following materials in English online:

  • A two-page motivational letter , which 1) explains why you want to become part of the IMPRS-MMFD, 2) contains a short description of your prospective/current research project and 3) contains the composition of your advisory board
  • Your current Curriculum Vitae which should include your educational background, work experience, full citations for any publications you may have, details of research presentations you have given, and any awards you have received
  • Your master degree and transcript
  • a letter of support from your primary supervisor (who must be a member of the IMPRS Faculty)
  • Existing Advisory Board Meeting Forms
  • Thesis Proposal
  • Optional: Additional supporting documents such as your master’s thesis, published papers or descriptions of projects in which you have been involved may be submitted as well. Please upload all additional documents as a single PDF (<20 MB)

How does the selection procedure work?

Only completed applications will be evaluated. The selection procedure is a two step-process:

Prescreening of the application by the IMPRS offices:
Complete applications will be checked for background, academic records and grades, resulting in an initial shortlist of eligible applicants.

Based on the results of the prescreening, shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview with the IMPRS Faculty. Candidates will be informed about the decision of the IMPRS Board end of January

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